• Master plan
  • Consideration
  • Year of design 2019
  • Project area, ha 9560

Brief description of the project

Strategic master plan of the city of Pskov reads on three scales: the Administrative center of the Pskov region; the city of Pskov; the Historical center of the city. Each level involves different tasks, development of spatial structures, principles and approaches of urban planning, and the formation of a set of strategies. The formed framework of the city on the basis of the Velikaya and Pskov rivers sets the location of the main recreational areas. Historically established landscaped historically established green areas with the remnants of the fortress wall set additional directions, which form the green belt of the historic center. Our proposal for densification of the urban environment is to create points of Growth points, which should contribute to the further development and consolidation of the adjacent areas. The proposed points of growth: preservation ruins; creation of an open-air archaeological museum; organization of safe access, development of architectural illumination, information stands and navigation; construction of a modern hotel complex; restoration and commissioning of churches; improvement of streets with the expansion of pedestrian sidewalks, installation of first floor cafes, café outdoor terraces; reconstruction of objects of cultural heritage, expansion of the functions and purpose of buildings; improvement of public gardens and parks; creation of a skate park; improvement of beaches; creation and improvement of park areas along the embankments. Scope of work: Pre-project analysis, proposals for the formation of functional-planning structure, three-dimensional and architectural solutions.