• Master plan сoncept
  • 3rd place in the Open All-Russia competition for the creation of a master plan for the city of Yakutsk, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • Year of design 2022
  • Project area, ha 359456

Project summary

People is the main value of Yakutsk. The project is based on the idea of creating as many unique scenarios of urban life as possible. A compact, polycentric and full of functions city will become convenient for the intercommunion of active residents, intensive expansion and modernization of areas of activity
The concept of Yakutsk 2032 is the phenomenon of the North. It consists of three chapters: the best city on permafrost, the laboratory of northern technologies, the center of Yakut culture
The best city on permafrost is a city that meets all the requirements of sustainable development and makes effective use of climate features: New Residential areas (KRT), Lena City, Water Frame, Green Frame
The housing renovation program will transform Yakutsk and make it comfortable for life. Lena City is a new urban center of attraction. It will house modern residential buildings, a community center, a city embankment and Lena Park
Lena Park is an ideal place for walking and relaxing in summer. The park turns into a venue for large-scale city festivals in winter. Water Frame will be revitalized. It will become a linear park and the basis for rainwater drainage
The laboratory of northern technologies is a single system of innovative clusters: IT cluster, Educational cluster, Medical town, Innovative scientific and technological center, Construction cluster, Agrocluster
The center of Yakutsk culture is a system of spaces for comprehensive development of the individual and preservation of cultural identity: Creative Cluster, Mega Film Studio, Olonkho Center, Tourist Cluster
Yakutsk 2032 - The phenomenon of the North, where people will continue to play the main role

Project team

MASTER'S PLAN (Moscow, Russia)
CITYMAKERS (Moscow, Russia)
SEVEN SOLAR STUDIO (Voronezh, Russia)
STEP Transport Design Studio (Moscow, Russia)
STORAKET Architectural studio (Yerevan, Armenia)
BAZA14 Architectural bureau (Yakutsk, Russia)
Art. Lebedev Studio (Moscow, Russia)
Faculty of Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North named after professor D.D. Savvinova of the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosova (Yakutsk, Russia)
Faculty of History of the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosova (Yakutsk, Russia)
Research, Design Survey and Technological Institute of Foundations and Underground Structures. N.M. Gersevanova (Moscow, Russia)
Scientific and Information Center "Polar Initiative" (Moscow, Russia)