• Concept
  • Prize place
  • Year of design 2021
  • Project area, ha 9,7

Brief description of the project

Given the existing constraints of this site, it was decided to create a system of pedestrian and bicycle routes in two levels. This configuration allows: - Increase the usable area of the space; - relieve pedestrian transit; - to separate the zones of quiet and active recreation; - provide an uninterrupted connection to the waterfront, even in flooding conditions, depending on the season; - create a transit route to connect with neighboring properties; - move safely through the area, by separating routes for different social groups The uniqueness of the section of the fifth stage of the embankment is formed by placing additional recreational areas and light installations. The platforms are located on the moored barge and on the roof of the two-level parking lot. The barge carries in itself function as a festival venue that operates year-round. In winter the paths leading to the barge are the guardrails for the ice rink. The system of paths creates a space that allows for the organization of playgrounds for different age groups. The operable roof of the parking lot provides a continuous pedestrian connection between adjacent plots and allows the formation of space for the organization of administrative and public areas. Separate areas specified in the terms of reference play an integral role in the formation of the infrastructure of the city. The conceptual proposal lays down unique scenarios for the use of these spaces. In the territory the former industrial zone, bordering the building of the CSKA swimming pool, there is a creative cluster. On the territory of the former flour mill (currently the territory is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Guard Service) is an art school. Scope of work: Pre-project analysis, proposals for the formation of functional-planning structure of volumetric-spatial and architectural solutions.