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Development Strategy of Chisinau Municipality

General plan of the city of Tver

Master Plan Pskov

Master Plan, "Patriot" Park, Moscow region.

Bolshaya Maima, republic Altai

Sputnik New Town Concept, Vladivostok Agl.

Ecopolis, Sakhalin region.

Planning project m. "Prokshino", Moscow

Project planning Lublinskaya Street, Moscow

Oblique Renovation, Tekstilshchiki, Moscow

"Small Towns" Project in Kedrovy

Town code Golyanovo district, Moscow

Urban Development Code district Lublino, Moscow

Oblique Renovation, Vernadsky Prospekt, Moscow

Town Planning Code "Prospekt Vernadskogo", Moscow

Town Planning Code in the Cheremushki district of Moscow.

Park "Dzhulat", Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Kabardino-Balkaria

Smart Campus COAF, Armavir, Armenia

Ochakovskoe Highway Planning Project

Master Plan "Domkovka", Yaroslavl region.

Planning project, Nagatinskaya Street, Moscow

Planning project at the North River waterway, Moscow.

DSK 500, Tyumen, Russia

Architectural Concept, m. Polezhaevskaya and m. Begovaya Moscow

The concept of the central embankment, Sochi

The concept of Gagarin Park, Simferopol

The concept of "Victory Park and Noble's Nest in the city of Orel"

Planning project Ryazansky district, Moscow.

South Port Layout Project, Moscow

Architectural concept m. Pechatniki, Moscow

Architectural concept of Admiral Makarov St. Admiral Makarov Street, Moscow

Ostafyevo Architectural Concept, Moscow

Project of planning Filevsky Blvd.

Project planning Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Moscow.

Planning project Danilovskaya Embankment, Moscow.

Gavrikovo Planning Project, Moscow

Khimki Water Planning Project. , Moscow

Architectural concept of Filimonovskoye settlement, Moscow

LULUA Station building, Beirut, Lebanon

Architectural concept of ul. Talbukhin Street, Moscow

Molodogvardeyskaya Street Planning Project, Moscow

Architectural concept of the pre-bridge square, Krasnoyarsk

Architectural concept of Rumyantsevo village, Moscow

Urban Potential, 7-ya Lazenki St. Moscow

Planning Project, Electrolytny Prospekt, Moscow.

Concept of improvement of the park "Tarkhanovo", Yoshkar-Ola

Project for the planning, Shcherbinka district, Moscow

Samara - "Light", Concept of the embankment of the river. Volga, Samara

The concept of the improvement of the park "Pokrov-grad"

City pond in Maloarkhangelsk, Oryol region, Russia

Waterfront Park Project "Parterre"

Concept of modular accommodation for tourists, Skrunda, Latvia

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