Everything in a complex: how the new quarter on the Moskva River will look like

Resource: RBC
Everything in a complex: how the new quarter on the Moskva River will look like

"Glavstroy will build a new residential quarter near the Moskva River, near Filevsky Park. As part of the construction of "Beregovoy" residential complex an embankment will be improved, promenades and a park will be created

Glavstroy development company (part of Oleg Deripaska's Basic Element group) will build Beregovoy residential quarter with total area of 632,900 sqm in the west of Moscow. A new quarter will be built on an area of 32 hectares near Filevsky Park on the first river bank of the Moskva River, at 2-3 Beregovoy proezd.

According to Glavstroy, investments in the first stage of the project will amount to RUR 9.1 bln. Sberbank acts as a financial partner of Residential Complex "Beregovoy", which will provide "Glavstroy" with project financing in the amount of 7,3 billion rubles. "The "Beregovoy" project will decorate the embankment of the Moskva River and find its niche in the market. We already see interest from buyers. We are glad to have the support of Sberbank in the form of project financing and accreditation of the object, which confirms the reliability and financial stability of the developer and is one of the main criteria for the purchase of real estate," says Andrey Vasiliev, General Director of Glavstroy.

Well-known foreign and Russian companies and experts in the sphere of architecture, design and planning took part in the development of the concept of Beregovoy residential estate: Dutch bureau MLA+, "Art Group Stone", Kleinewelt Architekten bureau, Master's Plan company, STUDIO 211 design-bureau.

Beregovoy Residential Complex is one of the large-scale projects related to the city program for the development of the Moscow River and its embankments. The eco-concept of the complex is based on the unity of the water, park and landscape areas of the quarter. One of the key centers of attraction of the complex will be a one-kilometer pedestrian embankment, which will become a continuation of Filevskaya embankment. Their total length will amount to 6 km. Within the framework of the complex development of the residential complex there shall also be developed a park and a network of green promenades.

"The main feature of Beregovoy Residential Complex territory is its coastal location, the project is located on the first line of the Moskva River. Beregovoy Residential Complex can be positioned as a kind of high-class housing. The project represents synergy between the city authorities and Glavstroy and implies the development of not only the developer's territory where Beregovoy Residential Complex is located, but also the adjacent city territory," says Master's Plan General Director Yulia Zubarik.

Visualization of the design of corridors in the entrance hall of Beregovoy Residential Complex (Photo: Glavstroy)


"As part of the project, we are creating a renewed urban environment in which the river and the waterfront have once again become an integral part of it. Active outdoor recreation is becoming a mandatory element of everyday life," says Markus Appenzeller, partner of the Dutch architecture bureau MLA+.

"What we design today should correspond to the urban planning context, which will be relevant in 15 years. Therefore, in the residential complex "Beregovoy" we tried to integrate global trends in the development of megacities. What already exists is actively developing in world capitals - London, New York and others," adds Ivan Grekov, partner of the architectural studio "Art Group Stone".

Interior design of the lobby in Beregovoy Residential Complex (Photo: Glavstroy)


The project is created in the "all-inclusive" format: in addition to housing, there will be an educational cluster with education from pre-school to university, a sports complex, a clinic, a network of promenades, street retail with stores, restaurants, cafes and confectionaries, a park for walking and active recreation, closed courtyards, a community club and authorial entrance groups with cozy lobby.

"At the heart of the idea of Beregovoy Residential Complex is to create a single flowing space of the courtyard and the park, to form a variety of cozy atmosphere in different fragments of the courtyard, suitable for different people. Some people need silence, some need a place for street gymnastics. One of the accents of the landscaping project is children," says Sergey Pereslegin, a partner at Kleinewelt Architekten.

"In the case of Beregovy, the scale of the project was complemented by panoramic glazing, luxurious views, high ceilings and thoughtful wall geometry. Restrained colors, strict lines and "timeless" materials help to bring to the project that European elegance, solidity and status," explains the co-founder of the design bureau STUDIO 211 Alexey Antonov.

Project of the Beregovoy housing estate infrastructure (Photo: Glavstroy)


The developer intends to build 105 thousand sqm of housing and infrastructure, including apartment buildings of variable height (8-29 floors) for 1101 apartments and a kindergarten for 150 children within the first stage of construction. The concept "a courtyard without cars" will be implemented in the residential complex, an underground parking with an elevator to the apartment will be built there. The commissioning of the first stage is planned for 2020.

Permission to erect the first stage of the housing Glavstroy received in December 2017. Conclusion on the compliance of the developer and the project declaration with the requirements of the Federal Law on shared construction 214-FZ - in January 2018. Glavstroy completed 85 transactions in Beregovoy housing complex during the first two days of sales. In the first stage of the project, buyers are presented with 36 options for the layout of apartments of traditional and Euro-format, from one to five rooms, ranging in size from 35 to 122 square meters.