Neighborhood with the subway could increase the price of housing by 15 percent

Buyers of apartments in houses of "comfort" and "comfort plus" first of all ask the question of the proximity of the subway

According to average figures, the added value of apartments in remote areas without good transport accessibility is 7-10%, and in some cases up to 15%. The founder of the architectural bureau Master's plan Yulia Zubarik told about it.

"First of all, of course, it concerns new buildings of "comfort" and "comfort plus" classes, but not "business" and "premium". For those who afford housing in the higher classes, it is more important car transport. That is why in this segment the added value rarely exceeds 3-5%", - the expert added.

According to Yulia Zubarik, buyers of apartments in houses of "comfort" and "comfort plus" class are first asked the question of subway proximity. This trend does not depend on the social age.

In addition, the expert notes that, according to statistics, the availability of metro station nearby is one of the most important components, affecting the choice and the cost of the property. The price starts growing from the first "rumors" about the plans of the subway. The closer a new building is to the subway, real or supposed, the higher its price.

"Hence the spread in the added value for the subway factor. It's pretty loose and depends on a lot of things. From the timing of the planned opening, to how comfortable it will be to get to the future station. If we take the average figures, the added value in remote locations where there is no good transport accessibility is 7-10%, and in some cases comes up to 15%. Variations are quite individual in each case", - said Yulia Zubarik.

The expert also added that the optimal distance from the subway is from 7 to 15 minutes. Zero accessibility - a minus for the selected housing. The best option is considered a certain distance from the road, the possibility of reaching the station by a quiet walk in a clear time, and then comfortably get to the center without traffic jams and fuss.

To recall, the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has recently announced that the total length of the capital's metro lines may double by 2025, compared with 2010. The plans also include the construction or reconstruction of more than a half dozen depots.