"Open City" invites students and young architects to workshops

"Open City" invites students and young architects to workshops

Attention students, masters and graduates of architectural schools! The "Open City" project is the largest event in the field of architectural and urban planning education invites you to participate in workshops by leading Moscow architectural bureaus.

The third annual conference "Open City", organized by Moskomarhitektura, and devoted to education and careers in architecture and urban planning, opens registration for the workshops. This year, during the four months from July until October, there will be 12 Open City workshops, in which approximately 100 people will be able to participate. Each workshop has its own curator, and the working group consists of 5-10 people. On September 28th at the site of "Open City" - at the Moscow Museum - there will be a presentation and defense of the results of the work of the workshops.

Students, bachelors, masters of architecture, urban planning universities, specialized departments and faculties, as well as graduates who graduated from universities between 2014 and 2017 are invited to participate. Specialization: architecture, urban planning, urbanism, urban design.

Open City Workshops:

"Feodosia: rethinking the museum square near the Aivazovsky Gallery", curator UNK project. The project of renovation of the square involves joint work with the chief architect of the city of Feodosia.

"Options for New Filling and Comprehension of Public Spaces in Small Towns of Russia" (by the example of Igarka and Kedrovy), curator of MASTER'S Plan.

"Unifying Space" (on the example of Moscow territories at the junction of nature and urban urban framework), curator of RTDA. The workshop combines three areas, each of which will be used by a different group of participants: "How to connect the two nature reserves - Setun and Vorobyovy Gory", "How to connect the emerging urban development site near the Baltiyskaya MCC station with the natural-historical park "Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo"; "Rethinking the industrial zone on Lavochkin Street".

"Theatre Square in Kuzminki", curator: SPEECH. The project of improvement of the square in front of the theater in Kuzminki is part of the bureau for the renovation of this area.

"Urban Seams", curated by the bureau WALL. Participants will attempt to rethink the unused spaces between houses in Moscow.

"MDM: Going Out into the City", curated by Asadov Architectural Bureau. The subject of the design workshop will be the organization of the public space around the Moscow Palace of Youth.

"Designing Workplaces and Public Spaces of Construction Technopark" (on real company tasks), curator: Concern KROST. Concern is currently designing a construction technopark, which will be built in the Brattsevo industrial zone.

As well as the "New Old Moscow Prom. How to bring life back to the industrial zone?", curated by Cultural Heritage Agency (Netherlands) / Rozhdestvenka; "Exploring Moscow", curated by Meganom Bureau; "BIM-technology", curated by GC INGRAD; "Renovation of Nagatinsky quarter", curators: Alexey Ginzburg and development company Leader Invest, and the workshop by Tsimaylo Lyashenko and Partners.

The rules of participation in the workshops, dates of the workshops and registration are on the official page of Open City.