Educational facilities become drivers of development projects

Resource: The Gazette

Within the XXIII International exhibition of architecture and design ARCH Moscow there was a round table "New drivers of modern development projects" organized by Leader Invest. The participants of the event discussed the importance of infrastructural objects for success of development projects.

Dmitry Khalin, managing partner of elite real estate agency Savills, cited the research data according to which about 60% of residential complexes of comfort, business and higher classes today have infrastructure objects for children, often under the brand of famous operators, both Russian and international.

Alexey Boldin, the vice-president, the head of the Complex of sales and marketing of the company "Leader Invest", from the position of developer confirmed this thesis and said that according to the data of customer surveys, apartment buyers in recent years are increasingly important where their children will study - often people are specifically buying apartments near the school where their child studies or near the university where he plans to go.

This trend has led Leader Invest to a decision to focus the new project of the residential complex "Lobachevskogo 120" on the target audience for whom the basic value is the personal development of their children. The complex includes a kindergarten and a school, for the operation of which they have chosen one of the oldest private educational institutions of Moscow with an intensive study of foreign languages - Golden Section school.

According to Yulia Zubarik, the founder of the architectural bureau "Master's plan", this is a very good and correct decision: today many developers perceive social infrastructure objects - the same educational institutions - not as a burden, but as an opportunity and a real driver for the project development and sales growth.

At the same time, both the developer and the operator of the infrastructure object perceive this partnership as equal. After all, according to Alexey Kulikov, CEO of a private school "Golden Section", the school invests in the project its reputation, time, years of experience and takes risks as well as the developer.

The moderator of the round table - journalist of Business FM, Valeria Mozganova, expressed her concern that in today's rapidly changing world, the educational infrastructure objects included in the developer's project can become morally obsolete during its implementation. The solution to this problem the assembled experts named a thorough elaboration of the project, the use of the most up-to-date approaches and solutions as well as combining the competence of all project participants.

According to Yuliya Zubarik it is important that the developer, architect and school management work on such projects in consortium, only such comprehensive cooperation can ensure the success of the project.


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