New Neighborhoods in Former Industrial Zones of Moscow: Where the Plant Was, the Garden Blossoms

Resource: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Almost 13 thousand hectares of former industrial zones are under large-scale redevelopment in Moscow. At first, the Moscow authorities offer the owners of these industrial land plots to put them in order themselves. Now warehouses, parking lots and service stations are operating on most plots.

- If the owner does not want to develop its territory, the city has the right to withdraw these lands and develop them according to those rules and standards, written in the General Plan of the capital, - said the chairman of Moscow City Architecture Committee Yuliana Knyazhevskaya. - We will be able to start the development of the abandoned, often misused industrial areas. The city is interested in creating new jobs, science and production development.

Russian and foreign architects came up with the projects of new quarters with housing, offices, trade and parks on the territory of the factories. "Komsomolskaya" found out what will appear in some industrial zones in the coming years.

Badaevsky Brewery (Western District):

The embankment will reach the Fili district

A mini-city will appear along the Moskva River on a six-hectare site near Taras Shevchenko embankment. Capital development company Capital Group and Swiss architectural bureau Herzog & de Meuron developed the concept. The beer used to be brewed here, and soon the citizens will come here to walk along the beautiful embankment. It will stretch from the former Badaev Brewery to the historic Fili district.

- It will be a full-fledged pedestrian embankment, which, I am sure, will decorate the city, - said Deputy Mayor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin. - The new route will allow pedestrians to move freely in the areas along the river.

In the former industrial area of the brewery will be reconstructed historical industrial buildings of red brick. All details and buildings of historical value, including the facades, will be preserved.

Reconstruction of historical industrial buildings made of red brick. Photo: press service of Capital Group


Next to them will be built a unique for the capital 8-storey residential building on columns. Next door is an underground two-storey parking lot. The construction will raise the house above the ground for 35 meters. The tenants will be able to get to their "floating" apartments by stairs and elevators. The authors of the project assure that this unusual house is completely safe, corresponding to the Russian regulations and international practices. During the concept development they involved a Swiss construction consultant. On the roof of the complex there will be villas with their own private garden, safe barriers and panoramic views over Moscow.

Nearby, on the area of four hectares, a new park with meadows and wood groves will be opened for all comers with a landscaped promenade. There will be pedestrian paths, trees and flower beds, playgrounds for children and places for recreation.

Kazakov instrument-making plant (Western District):

A walk from "City" to Dorogomilovo

The construction of a multifunctional business center and a public residential complex with a huge green courtyard-square has already begun on the site of the former First Moscow Kazakov instrument-making plant opposite Moscow City. The 12-hectare plot of land is between Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the bank of the Moskva River. These two points will be connected by a new residential area. From here you can quickly get on foot to Kutuzovskaya and Fili metro and MCC stations, as well as to Park Pobedy metro station.

A giant house designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma will appear on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. It will be two blocks of buildings of different heights, gradually rising towards the center of the development. The facades of the buildings will be decorated with brushed anodized aluminum. The metal will reflect the light so as to create an effect of lightness and transparency.

Nearby a kindergarten and a school will be opened. In the residential complex in a huge courtyard will be planted inside the garden with a design in the Japanese style. Through this garden there will be a through pedestrian route connecting Kutuzovsky Prospekt to the embankment of the Moscow River. Along the route there will be cafes, stores, exhibition areas and a sports complex. A highlight will be an artificial hill in the northern part of the garden with a pond, stream, bushes and trees. In addition, the embankment section of 1 kilometer long from the bridge of the Northern double of Kutuzovsky Prospekt to the Third Ring Road will be improved. According to one of the authors of the quarter, the head of Moscow architectural bureau Master's Plan Yulia Zubarik, a project of a pedestrian bridge over the Moskva River is also being developed now. It will continue the route from Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the Dorogomilovo district to the opposite bank of the river and the skyscrapers "Moscow City".


In the South-Eastern district.

On the site of reinforced concrete plant "KZHBK-2" between Ryazansky Prospekt, Oka street, 2-nd Vyazovsky proezd will be built area of 22 hectares. Nearby, the Okskaya metro station will open by the end of this year. Four blocks of high-rise residential complexes will be built there. Each block will have its own underground parking lots, yards without cars and stores with cafes on the first floors. In the center of the site there will be a boulevard promenade of almost 7 hectares. Trade and entertainment facilities will be placed there.

In Western okrug

A residential area with a boulevard will be built along the Moscow River, Filevsky Boulevard and projected driveway № 2017 on the area of 32 hectares. This will be a single green stripe along the bank of the river from the Filevskaya floodplain to the Shelepikhinsky bridge. There will be a landscaped pedestrian embankment with bike lanes, recreational facilities, trees and flower beds. In addition, a bridge crossing will be built across the Moskva River to the neighboring Beregovoy proezd. A part of the residential complexes under construction will be given as a launching pad for the participants of the renovation program.

In the South District

A new public residential quarter with boulevards and squares, convenient transport and pedestrian routes will appear on an area of 30 hectares in the next few years instead of the industrial zone #2 "Warsaw highway". Everything the residents will need will appear - a separately standing children and adults polyclinic, a school, a kindergarten, a sports and recreation center, an industrial park. And also - above-ground parking lots, bicycle paths with rental facilities, trees, lawns and flower beds, cafes, open street spaces for district residents, a new passenger pier on the Nagatinskaya embankment.

In addition, a one-hectare plot of land will be allocated for the construction of a starter building for residents to be relocated under the renovation program.

On an area of 30 hectares will be built a new public residential quarter with boulevards and squares, convenient routes for transport and pedestrians. Photo: Master's Plan architectural bureau


There will also be surface parking lots, bicycle lanes with rental facilities, cafes, open street spaces, a new passenger pier on the Nagatinskaya embankment. Photo: Master's Plan architectural bureau


In the North-West District

A part of industrial zone No. 41 "Oktyabrskoye Pole" in the district of Khoroshevo-Mnevniki will be turned into a comfortable quarter. In it about 7 hectares will be given for an integrated development of four residential complexes. Domestic services, stores and recreation centers will be opened on the first floors. Kindergartens for 350 children, children and adult clinic, school for 800 pupils, Technopark with the total area about 14 thousand square meters will be built near the apartment houses. Several public gardens with the total area of 15 thousand square meters with trees, children's and sports grounds, promenade zones, recreation areas and bicycle lanes will become a highlight. The nearest metro station is "Oktyabrskoe pole".