Most children's play areas in Russian shopping malls do not comply with regulations - experts

Resource: Interfax
Most children's play areas in Russian shopping malls do not comply with regulations - experts

Moscow. March 27. Interfax-Nedvizhimost - Most shopping centers in Russia do not comply with regulations for the placement of children's play areas, said

As explained in the Ministry of Construction, in Russia since 2009 there is SNIP, which states that in shopping malls, multifunctional centers, exhibitions, museums "children's play areas should be located no higher than the second floor and no further than 20 meters from the evacuation exit.

"Most children's play areas in Russian shopping centers are located on the upper floors in shopping centers," Bulat Shakirov, president of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers, told Interfax.

"Traditionally children's entertainment, movies, food court and everything associated with this is placed on the top floor - it may be the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc., depending on the parameters of the mall. As a rule, it is the third floor, on average. The vast majority of Russian shopping centers have such a configuration, it is a worldwide practice", - confirmed the chairman of the Board of Directors of RRG Denis Kolokolnikov.

According to the expert, firstly, cinemas and children's entertainment require high ceilings.

"Secondly, it is connected with economic indicators - children's entertainment and cinema pay less than other tenants, but have an anchor function", - explained D.Kolokolnikov.

"Children's zones on the upper floors of the mall are located, of course, for reasons of profitability. The income from these premises is much less than from retail space, besides there is usually a cinema and a food court nearby, which is convenient", - says Yulia Zubarik, the founder of the architectural bureau Master's plan.

"The questions about standards for children's entertainment zones in shopping malls are for the mall designers, who defend their projects in the examination on the basis of current building codes. There are norms, but if the project includes any deviation from them, then they are agreed on the basis of special technical conditions, which are developed directly for a particular area of the object and agreed with the fire department and Ministry for Emergency Situations", - said Diana Zaznobina, head of department "Shopping centers" of "Magazin Magazinov.

As previously reported, on March 25 in the Kemerovo shopping center "Winter Cherry" there was a fire. The fire broke out on the top floor, where there were movie theaters, and there were a lot of children on Sunday. According to the latest reports, 64 people died, and there are also hospitalized and missing persons.

Russia's Prosecutor General's Office had ordered a fire safety inspection of all the country's shopping malls the day before. A Just Russia leader Sergei Mironov urged to suspend the operation of movie theaters and entertainment venues in malls.

On Tuesday, Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin instructed a number of Duma committees to prepare comprehensive proposals for changes in legislation in connection with the Kemerovo fire.