Architects reveal the beauty of the capital's embankments

The XII Moscow forum of real estate market leaders will be held in the capital.

Dozens of architectural bureaus of the capital will present their projects of development of the capital's embankments. The Moscow River traditionally attracts attention. Only within the city limits the length of its coast line exceeds 160 kilometers. Until recently, access to most of the embankments was closed for the citizens.

Among the reasons is the proximity of the river with industrial zones, which are fenced off with fences and roads with heavy automobile traffic. One such example is the "Varshavskoye Shosse" industrial zone, which adjoins Nagatinskaya embankment. The project for the reorganization of this territory was presented at the exhibition by Yulia Nurtdinova, chief architect of the Moscow City Planning Bureau.

- The area of the territory is 58 hectares. And the length of the embankment itself is about 1.5 kilometers," said Yulia Nurtdinova.

The area is occupied by industrial and administrative buildings, most of which were built in the 1960s-1970s. Many of them are now rented by entrepreneurs. At the same time, area residents have no access to the shoreline. Eliminate this injustice by opening the beauty and resources of the river, the architects propose. In their project they give a significant part of the territory for the recreation and social zone, having provided the improvement and landscaping of the existing squares and boulevards.

A health and fitness center and exhibition centers will appear on the embankment and new bicycle routes will be built. Architects suggest to reorient the existing cargo berth into a passenger terminal and create a new water route for tourists. It will become one of the key objects of Nagatinskaya embankment development.

- The banks of the Moscow River will be connected by a pedestrian bridge, - Nurtdinova says about another significant element. - It will increase the attractiveness of the territory, will give an individual style, becoming a new point of attraction for the residents.

Another project - for the development of Filyovskaya Embankment - was presented by the Chief Architect Ekaterina Gagarina.

- While working on the project we fitted into the landscape peculiarities, - she told, noting that one of the trends in the embankments development is environment preservation.

- That means we don't encase the river in granite as it was in the 1950s," said Gagarina. - So there is a reconsideration of the relationship with the river.

To give people an opportunity to get closer to the water, architects put the creation of so-called lower embankments in the projects. For embankments transformation the Moscow River program has been launched in the capital. Since its launching almost 60 kilometers of embankments have been improved. There are plans to cover dozens more kilometers of coastal territory. Thus, in 2019, five embankments of the Moscow River will be improved.


Sergey Levkin, head of the Moscow City Urban Planning Policy Department:

- The presented projects will reveal the potential of the coastal territories. Today, it is especially interesting, because before our eyes inefficient industrial zones are becoming a thing of the past, and Moscow gets new centers of attraction with modern quarters, recreation areas, "smart" production. Experts will talk about how the capital's main waterway has been transformed at the exhibition as part of the business programme.